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January 8, 2016

The Dream Job: Writing Terrence Higgins Trust’s new Toss Off Campaign

There can’t be many charity campaigns out there where the writer has kept their trusty copy of Roger’s Profanisaurus on their desk for reference. But as the copywriter for Terrence Higgins Trust’s new Toss Off brand and campaign, I certainly leafed through the renowned swearing dictionary once or twice.

My good pals at Consider Creative were briefed to take THT’s Toss Off idea from a two-word innuendo to a fully-fledged brand, campaign and donor journey. In need of a copywriter up to the task, Consider brought me in – already well aware of my immature sense of humour.

The campaign was a joy to work on from the start. From being around the table working up the initial concepts, to sitting at my laptop cackling to myself as I crafted motivating fundraising copy from such a smutty premise. After some frantic work to meet a tight deadline (aren’t they always?), we’d put together everything THT needed.

Inevitably, a few of my more risqué double-entendres were toned-down, but the end result still stands as one of the edgier charity campaigns I’ve seen. It’s certainly the edgiest one I’ve written so far.

Toss Off launched yesterday, and from what I’ve seen already, the response from the public and the sector too has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes.

So if your charity needs help to launch a rudely-named campaign (or even a pleasant, grown up one), you know where to come.

And yes, I definitely plan to Toss Off on Feb 9th.







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January 8, 2016



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